Supreme NTM “Le Clash (Boss VS IV My People) 2LP

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NTM “Le Clash(the B.O.S.S. vs IV My People) is a compilation of the rap group Supreme NTM released in 2001. It is a double CD that brings together remixes of the group's tracks by the producers of the respective labels of rappers Kool Shen and JoeyStarr, namely IV My People and BOSS At the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, six EPs were released with titles that appear on this compilation. Five of these maxi are presented in the form of rounds of boxing to stage the fight of the two labels of the two rappers: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4 and Round 5. A sixth maxi contains two original titles, Who wants the skin of my crew? and Clasher my crew ... (you're crazy!). These maxis also contained instrumental and a cappella versions.




A1.  Intro: NTM Le Clash Joey Starr,... Madizm 01:54
A2.  Back Dans Les Bacs (IV My Peo... Joey Starr,... 03:27
A3.  Seine Saint-Denis Style (IV M... Daddy Jockn... 03:24
A4.  Qu'est-ce Qu'on Attend ? (IV ... Joey Starr,... 04:33
A5.  Touche Pas À Ma Musique (That... Kool Shen,M... 03:35
B1.  Qui Veut La Peau De Mon Crew ... Salif Madizm 03:15
B2.  Qui Paiera Les Dégâts ? (IV M... Madizm,Sec.... 04:02
B3.  On Est Encore Là (IV My Peopl... Sec.Undo 04:11
B4.  Pose Ton Gun (IV My People Re... Joey Starr,... 03:52
B5.  Police (IV My People Remix) DJ Concepte... 04:01
B6.  Outrologie Sec.Undo 01:45
C1.  Intro B.O.S.S. Clash DJ Spank,DJ... 01:52
C2.  Clasher Mon Crew... T'es Fou ! Iron Sy DJ Spank,Jo... 04:33
C3.  J'appuie Sur La Gâchette (B.O... DJ Concepte... 03:07
C4.  Est-ce La Vie Ou Moi? (B.O.S.... DJ Clyde,DJ... 05:55
C5.  Ma Benz (B.O.S.S. 2000 Remix) Lord Kossity DJ Spank,Jo... 03:40
D1.  L'argent Pourrit Les Gens (B.... DJ Concepte... 03:46
D2.  Tout N'est Pas Si Facile (B.O... Fatcap DJ Clyde,DJ... 05:32
D3.  C'est Arrivé Près D'chez Toi ... Jaeyez,Cash... DJ Spank,Jo... 04:04
D4.  Pour Que Ca Sonne Funk (B.O.S... Big Red,Naj... DJ Clyde,DJ... 03:28
D5.  Quelle Grattitude? (B.O.S.S. ... Jaeyez DJ Spank,Jo... 03:25
D6.  Vee À Vie (Outro)