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4TH FULL-LENGTH FROM TYLER, THE CREATOR!And yes, it's the one where he raps "I've been kissing white boys since 2004" ("I Ain't Got Time"). There are other songs, like "Garden Shed," that seem to address his same-sex attraction, but he's always been overtly ambiguous about who he likes (on Twitter, interviews), so what's really new? The more important takeaway from the two songs, and by extension, Scum F Flower Boy as a whole, is that the Odd Future ex-leader delivers the most introspective and honest album of his career. That's not to say his previous efforts lacked true self reflection. But, on Scum F Flower Boy, the bars come not from a place of angst & strife; Tyler has grown up, and he waxes poetic about loneliness, success, sexuality, love, and etc. without choosing to take on delirious, violent alter-egos. The production reflect this maturity; r&b, jazz-influenced chords and lush soundscapes glide over hip-hop beats, and he picks guests like Frank Ocean and Estelle to complete the vibe. With all that said, though, Sum F Flower Boystill includes tracks like "Who Dat Boy" for that raw, visceral Tyler experience (s/o ASAP Rocky for his guest verse), thus staying true to the duality found in the title (remember "I'm a fucking walking paradox, no I'm not"?). The best album from the rapper as far as we are concerned, highlights include: "911 / Mr. Lonely," "Boredom," "See You Again," and "Glitter" in addition to aforementioned tracks.